Dr. Hussein Mohammed Ismail

Dr. Hussein Mohammed Ismail

Dr. Hussein Mohammed Ismail

Clinic Hours

Saturday - Thursday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Friday Closed

Specialization & Achievements:

  • He underwent Doctorate of Dental Surgery – (D.D.S. – with Honour ) in 1988 from Russia.
  • Earned a Master’s of Science in Prosthodontics – (M.D.S.) and a Philosophy Doctorate in Stomatology (Ph.D. – with excellent Degree ) in 1993 .
  • After with he practiced dentistry as a specialist prosthodontist in Russia (1988-1983) and Syria (1944-1988)
  • Professional Memberships in Syrian Dental Association, Syrian Prosthodontists Society and Russian Stomatologists Association.
  • Proficient in handling a comprehensive range of dental, periodontal and oral services and having a clinical interest in cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics and performing the following tasks:-
  • Fixed Prosthesis (F.P.D):

Hollywood smile- Lumineers ,Veneers & Ultraneers.

Inlay & Onlay (CAD/CAM) – Aesthetic zirconium-ceramic, cast-metal ( precious & non-precious). Cast post core. (Crowns & Bridges) : Temporary Acrylic Jackets. Full metallic crown: (Precious & Non-Precious). Metallic crown with acrylic facing or with porcelain facing. Metal-ceramic (porcelain) crown. IPS Esthetic Empress. Inceram . Zirconia (cercon). Implants and aesthetic crowns & bridges over them. Bridge retainer crown. Stress breaker. Precision attachment.

  • Removable Dentures (R.P.D & R.C.D):

Partial (acrylic, flexite, cast non precious metals & CrCo Alloys or precious high gold content alloys) Removable Dentures. Complete Removable Dentures (acrylic, flexite). Immediate denture prosthesis. Dentures Repair and Reline. Vitalium dentures or cast frame work splint/dentre for immobilization of mobile periodontal teeth. Removable dentures with precision attachments (bar, ball) and telescopic system. Removable dentures over implants. Repair and lining of removable denture . Rehabilitation and proshodontic treatment of patients with generalized teeth attrition associated with temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction. Selective grinding. Night guard. TMJ Appliances.Teeth whitening.

General dentistry:

Dental Prophylaxis, Oral Hygiene Care & Oral Health Rehabilitation. Diagnosis of Oral Diseases. Motivation & Education of Patient. X- Ray Examination (Intra Oral Periapical Radiographs, Bite Wing Radiographs & O.P.G.). Conservative, Restorative, Cosmetic & Preventive treatment of Permanent Teeth (Composite restorations and bonded composite veneers , Amalgam, Glass Ionomer, Miracle mix restoration, Silicate restoration, Intermediate restoration (IRM), provisional restoration, Pin restoration). Paedodontic treatment of primary teeth. Extractions. R.C.T., Pit and fissure sealants. Fluoride treatment, Space maintainers. Endodontic – direct & indirect pulp capping Root Canal Therapy: Pulpotomy, Pulpectomy. Apexification. Conservative treatment (Non surgical) of periradicular lesions. Apexogenisis. Build up of teeth with screw post and artificial crowns. Oral Surgery – Ordinary, complicated and surgical extractions. Root amputation. Hemisection. Removal of impacted wisdom teeth. Operculectomy. Frenectomy. Alveoloplasty. Abscess incision and drainage. Periosteotomy. Excision and cauterization of abnormal pathological tissue. Fibrotomy, Apicoectomy, Enucleation of chronic periapical lesions (Granuloma & Cyst). Replantation and splinting of subluxed & avulsed teeth. Excisional oral biopsy. Periodontics – Supra & sub-gingival scaling and polishing, Periodontal pocket curettage (Non-surgical & Surgical) with root planning. Gingivoectomy. Coronoplasty. Periodontal flap surgery without & with bone graft. Orthodontic Prophylactic Removable Appliances, as well as having specialized research and studies in Dental & Periodontal treatment of Pregnant Patients by using the methods of Physiotherapy & Traditional Reflexotherapy.

  • Awarded with the highest awards &medals from Russian Medical University and having numerous certificates of gratitude & appreciation from different reputable official institutions in recognition of his excellent professional achievement in clinical dental practice, hospital administration and his valuable educational efforts in teaching.
  • University lecturer , having 7 Innocence of Invention ( Certificates of Scientific Rational Proposals) , different publications in Russian and Arabic languages and three scientific monographs .Participated in many dental conferences , seminars, workshops , CME’s and attended many international dental exhibitions in UAE and other countries.
  • Since (1998 till date ) working as specialist dental surgeon in prosthodontics at National Hospital, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
  • Working as specialist Prosthodontist since 25 years.

Good communication skill in English, Arabic & Russian