The Department of Radiology at National Hospital has been continuously advancing Radiology while serving the diverse healthcare needs of patients and physicians. We have the panel of best Radiologists in Abu Dhabi who offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnostic radiology and imaging services. Our Radiology services in Abu Dhabi include clinical services in diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, ultrasound, vascular laboratory, cross-sectional imaging (CT scan and magnetic resonance imaging), etc.,

Several of our services are provided by different centres of excellence through partnerships with other departments. From the acquisition of the image to its interpretation, images are individually tailored to address the specific clinical concerns of the referring clinicians. This creates a customised image that provides superior diagnostic capabilities, often obviating the need for more invasive surgical procedures such as diagnostic arthroscopy.

Our Interventional Radiologists in Abu Dhabi are skilled in treating many conditions non-surgically with image-guided injections, utilising ultrasound and fluoroscopy.

National Hospital’s Radiology Department provides the below-mentioned specialities in Abu Dhabi:

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Specialists from Radiology